Our Females


Old Styles Chloe the Blazing Nova

Chloe is officially retired! She has been spayed and is now living the comfortable life as a lapdog once again! 
We love all our animals at Lilli Hollow, but Chloe is one of the most beautiful types of this breed we have ever seen. She is coal black with an amazing tight curled coat. Chloe participated in being an ESA for a soldier and is incredibly affectionate. Chloe lives to please and loves to sleep with her head in your lap. Chloe has an innate ability to detect when her owner is sad and she initiates cuddling in an attempt to provide comfort. Chloe is AKC Registered, OFA certified hips (good), CAER eyes (normal), and Cardiac (normal). She has been DNA health tested and is clear of over 160 genetic diseases and she is not a carrier for any genetic diseases. 
Chloe is OFA CHIC Certified! 




Remi of Lilli Hollow

She is a silver Tuxedo. She is a protective yet docile girl. Loves children and cats! She enjoys laying in my lap on the couch. She also enjoys going on hikes! She is genetically clear of all  genetic disease through Embark!

OFA CAER - Normal/Normal

OFA Hips Good and Cardiac normal!!




Old Styles Ginger of Lilli Hollow

Ginger is officially retired! She has been spayed and is now living the life of luxury guarding her yard and her favorite humans! 
Ginger is one of the smartest dogs and is highly driven to please us. 

OFA hips: GoodOFA Congenital Cardiac: NormalOFA CAER: Normal
Ginger is CHIC Certified!! PR20251402 is the number to look her up on the OFA website!! 
DNA Genetic testing CLEAR through Embark. 


Ginger has a loyal and companion type personality and strives with her humans. Loves attention and is highly affectionate.


Duchess of Lilli Hollow

Duchess hails from Red Dirt K9’s out of Oklahoma! She has one of the best personalities of all of our females. She’s kind, easily trainable, and energetic! Her DNA health testing is CLEAR of all genetic disease! OFA prelim hips Good, cardiac normal, OFA CAER normal/normal!
Duchess is 23” tall/55#. 


She is a Brown Parti. We love all our animals at Lilli Hollow Poodles but Duchess has become a family favorite! Duchess is cheeky yet extremely affectionate. She has been accepted into our home by our other 6 dogs, 3 cats, and all of the goats. She does not stray from her humans and is loving our family lifestyle. Her temperament is top notch and we could not have asked for a better pick. 



Lady Arya of Lilli Hollow

Born Sept 3, 2020, Lady Arya is yet a pup. She has a good red pedigree that has little cream/apricot dogs on there. She is an intelligent pup that loves to run and jump! She’s is athletic yet controllable and she is a pleaser! OFA Prelim Hips GOOD, OFA CAER normal/normal!
Embark Results: Clear of all genetic disorders! https://my.embarkvet.com/vet-report/YXP4G-LVP23-WRZV2-D6WR7
Arya is 22”/45#


Lady Sansa of Lilli Hollow

We are adding to our redheads!! Sansa is a fiery little lady that we are excited to add to our group of gals.  Be sure to check out our Instagram pages for little glimpses of her while she grows!